• Road Contest Addresses & Maps

  • Road Contest Addresses and Road Contest Maps for all Barker teams will give the locations for regular opponents as well as other area schools that Barker could compete against in the future or has played in the past. This information is provided in a .pdf document that you can keep with you on your travels.

    Important information regarding the field hockey games at Roy-Hart during the fall 2017 season:

    • Due to construction at Roy-Hart, team buses will drop off teams at Roy-Hart Middle School, next door to the high school. Teams can be dropped off by the circle of the main drive of the school. This area is close to the MS gym. Athletes will then use the paved walkway to gain access to the field. Additional parking spaces on the grass will be available next to the MS for spectator parking. Team buses will not park on the grass. The middle school address is -- 78 State Street, Middleport, NY 14105.

Barker B Maroon Raiders
Last Modified on August 20, 2017