Jr. High Students of the Month

Students of the Month

    Jr HS Jan Feb 2017 Students  












    January/February 2017 (L-R): Mr. Pritchard, Keith

    Robison, Lena Fazzolari, Kaitlyn Goodwin, Alexander


  • JHS Sept Oct 2016 SOM


















    September/October 2016 (L-R): Willard

    Nellist, Natalie D’Arata, Elinore Voss, Thomas

    Jowdy, Mr. Pritchard.

  • JHS SOM March April 2017














    March/April 2017 (L-R): Ariana Peace, Nathaniel

    Heidemann, Natalie Bruning, Lucas Grissett.

  • Jr HS Nov Dec 2016 Students
















    November/December 2016 (L-R): Emma McGrath,

    Nathan Meza Ray, Phillip Mackin, Chloe Lee,

    Mr. Pritchard.

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