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    A recent article written by Seth Czarnecki identified 12 education terms to know in 2015. Of the twelve terms identified, several are associated with innovative strategies to support improvements in teaching and learning, for example, project-based learning, differentiated instruction, looping and inquiry-based learning. Perhaps less familiar are terms such as blended learning, STEM/STEAM and flipped classroom. Yet, these innovative approaches to teaching and learning are becoming more evident in many of our classrooms and most closely aligned with recent initiatives.
    STEM/STEAM. The integration of science, technology, engineering and math, and the recent movement to include art, bring a more complete understanding of the connections between formerly independent subject areas. New regulations allow students to take four Regents exams and one additional Regents exam in a state approved alternative assessment. Plans are underway to design STEM/STEAM programs to support the options students now have for meeting the high school graduation requirements.
    Excerpt Above Taken From
    The Barker Banner Back To School Issue August 2015
    "A Message From Your Superintendent"
    Dr. Roger Klatt 
  • Drone Technology

    We continue to explore the integration of the safe and appropriate use of drones into the technology programs.  The drone has a variety of uses and career paths, one being to monitor crop progress and production through a variety of instruments including digital imagery.  This application of the drone is now referred to as Precision Agriculture.  RIT, GCC and MCC are all working to design career programs centered on Precision Agriculture.  Jeremy Silsby (R-H Class of 2002) and his family own a large farm in the Roy-Hart school district. They use the drone aligned with the concept of precision agriculture.  Jeremy presented to students at BCS interested in this technology.  
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